Hotel Can Verdera is a romantic and cozy place that offers unique silence, precious gardens and a 180 degree mountain view. It provides the ideal setting for wellness programs, deep relaxation and recharging.

Enjoy a relaxing massage, a plant walk, a yoga class or a sound healing with the most caring therapists. 


In Lisa's classes, we bring the focus to our presence and breath rather than how far we can push ourselves into each pose. We flow, but we move a little slower than a normal vinyasa class. Don’t be fooled by this slowness - moving slower and more consciously can actually be much harder than doing 100 vinyasas quickly. So Lisa's classes can still be challenging at points, but she loves to balance the strength of the class with a sense of softness too.

Current classes are on TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS at 9:30 am till 10:45 am.

Please note that on 4th - 6th June Sara will cover Lisa´s classes.

GROUP PRICE - €15 per person

€80 for 60 minutes
€90 for 75 minutes
€100 for 90 minutes 


Sara Nory is a talented yogini whose body of work revolves around the captivating intersection of creative freedom within the body. With a global reach, Sara shares her practice internationally, showcasing her expertise in NLK (Non-Linear Kundalini). This unique somatic method approach, created by Sara herself, combines breathwork (pranayama), hatha/kundalini yoga asana (movement), sound and meditation to offer a unique experience.

Her classes cultivate a sense of grounding, openness and connection with oneself and the environment. In her classes she offers enough time to ease and relax to feel into the experience of the practice as a feeling of homecoming. 

Current classes are on:

SATURDAYS at 9:30 am till 10:45 am

TUESDAYS ( Available from 28th May) at 7:00 pm till 8:15 pm 


GROUP PRICE - €15 per person, cash or revolut


€80 for 60 minutes
€90 for 75 minutes
€100 for 90 minutes 

All levels are welcome.


I’m Gabriella, a Pilates teacher, certified by the renowned Body Control Pilates in London.

It is my mission to help people be excited about exercise, creating Pilates classes that build strength, stamina and balance, but most importantly make everyone feel good in their mind and body.

New to Pilates? Don’t worry - all of my classes are inclusive to all abilities. Pilates is a low-impact practice designed to mobilise and strengthen every part of your body. Benefits include improved posture, improved stability and flexibility, and a better mind-body connection.

Current classes are on MONDAYS and WEDNESDAYS at 9:30 am till 10:30am, and MONDAYS at 6:30pm-7:30pm. Not available between the 24th of May-1 July.

GROUP PRICE - €15 per person, cash


I'm Ilana - A Body Balanced Certified Mat Pilates Instructor. 

I teach HITT Pilates to calm your mind and spirit, strengthen your tone, align your spine and create a strong core, improved posture, stress reduction, heightened energy and flexibility.
A balanced body leads to a balanced mind and I am here to guide you along your journey to reveal your most centered self. 

Current classes are on MONDAYS and FRIDAYS at 9:30am (available from June 3rd). Not available on June 7th. 

GROUP PRICE - €15.00 per session

PRIVATE SESSION - €60.00 for 60 minutes.

“Every moment of our lives can be the beginning of great things” Joseph Pilates


Vass has over 15 years experience with Premier League sports teams and
private clients in London. His sessions include a consultation followed by 60
or 90 minutes of bespoke massage therapy.

Available everyday from 10am - 8pm. (Not available Friday 7 to 14 June)

60 mins - €110 | 90 mins - €150

Payments by cash, Revolut or Wise.

Sports Massage
This specialised treatment optimises physical conditioning, reduces the risk of injuries and enhances both performance and recovery.

Deep Tissue Massage
This restorative treatment releases deep muscular tension and is an excellent choice for anyone who has occupational stress.

De-Stress Massage
This ultra soothing treatment with calming natural oils will leave you feeling relaxed and reconnected.

Rejuvenating Massage
This nourishing treatment with mood enhancing natural oils revitalises the mind and body.


(not available 8 - 12 June)

Sarah is a licensed and insured Physiotherapist and Massage Therapist with extensive training in the UK, USA and Mallorca, over 15 years of experience in clinical and private practice and a passion for bodywork.

Swedish Massage - This flowing style uses traditional Swedish techniques to induce an uplifting sense of well-being and relaxation.   

Deep Tissue Massage - Feel light and loose after this slow, profound treatment that works with the fascia throughout the body to release adhesions and tension.

Physiotherapy - Comprehensive verbal consultation and physical assessment regarding your current problem to tailor your treatment to include manual therapy, advice and exercises.  

Sports Massage - Stimulating the flow of oxygen, water and toxins to boost tissue healing and relieve troublesome spots.  Tailored to your problem areas with the use of trigger point, stretch and neuromuscular release techniques. Ideal for cyclists, hikers and runners.

Pregnancy Massage - Professional prenatal massage offers a natural, safe and wonderful way to alleviate many of the common discomforts of pregnancy. It can aid sleep, circulation, joint pain and soothe the nervous system. Great for mum and baby.

60 minutes - 100€

90 minutes - 140€

Appointments available daily 10-6pm.

Cash payment on the day.


Get back inner balance, awaken your awareness and grounded in yourself by nature.
I guide you walk this path with my 23 years of experience and use different techniques.
FOOT REFLEXOLOGY get you grounded and balance the body.
FACIAL REFLEXOLOGY calms the mind.
REIKI is a treatment that rebalance the energy in the total body.
METAMORPHIC technique is a vibrational treatment to help to reconnect with your inner
self. Help to get conscious of your emotions and feelings to accept and release.

Available on Tuesdays.

NOT available 7th of May.

60 minutes - 60€


During my sessions, the intention is to become aware of our body in order to free our physical, emotional and spiritual body.
Through foot massages, we can feel our entire body in a very special and magical way. 

Friday is available.

45​ ​min - 40€ (Foot massage with aromatherapy)

60​ ​min - 50€ (Head, hand and foot massage with aromatherapy)

PLANT WALK with JESSICA. 35€ per person
An introduction to Mediterranean Herbalism, walking through the beautiful landscape of Fornalutx and learning to distinguish and recognize medicinal and edible plants. 
We will gather some and finish by tasting a wild tea on the top terrace of the hotel. 
Spend a day or half a day walking through the UNESCO Tramuntana mountains. 
Customised hikes for all levels and interests.