Fiestas in the Sóller valley


Reyes Magos: 5 January, the eve of Epiphany, is the night when the Three Kings bring gifts to the Spanish children. Large processions take place in Palma passing through the main plazas in the city. In Fornalutx, the Kings arrive on horseback distributing sweets to the local kids before the much anticipated event begins…. each child being called to the stage to collect their gift. 

Sant Antoni: 16 January. Island wide. In Fornalutx, we celebrate with a large bonfire in the middle of the village square and barbeques for all to enjoy. Expect to hear live music with traditional instruments and dancing. Sant Sebastia is celebrated on the 20 January giving Fornalutx another reason to come together for the second barbeque of the week.


Holy week sees processions of devoted members of brotherhoods in robes and hoods. Palma has the largest number taking place throughout Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Soller’s processions, although on a smaller scale, are worth seeing.


Sa Fira/Es Firo: Soller’s favourite fiesta commemorating the battle between the Moors and Christians in 1561. A fortnight of cultural events leading up to the final day of battles and victory celebrations. You will witness traditional costumes, music, battles on the beaches of Port de Soller ending in the reenactment of the final battle and the raucous victory celebrations in the main plaza. Earplugs essential!


Sant Bartomeu: the patron saint of Soller is celebrated in the last weeks of August. A calendar of cultural events is published each year. The most spectacular night is the final night called nit de foc where the square in Soller comes alive to the sound of heavy drums. Witness devils with bodies smeared in mud dancing to the beat of the drums, breathing fire and spraying sparks to all in their path. 


The annual fiesta of Fornalutx takes place in the second week of September. Every year we enjoy 10 days of events for all the family as always accompanied by local musicians playing the traditional drum and flute. Any good fiesta ends in a good fireworks display.


1 November, All Saints day is the day to remember family members by visiting graves bringing candles and beautiful flower arrangements. The small village cemetery in its stunning location is well worth a visit as is the larger municipal cemetery of Soller, set over a number of wide terraces with views to the town below and to the Port.


Christmas lights everywhere. Evening visits to Palma to stroll under the lights are a treat.

New Year’s Eve is celebrated with equal enthusiasm in the village square with dj and music.