Hotel Can Verdera is a romantic and cozy place that offers unique silence, precious gardens and a 180 degree mountain view. It provides the ideal setting for wellness programs, deep relaxation and recharging.

Enjoy a relaxing massage, a yoga class or a sound healing with the most caring therapists. 


In Lisa's classes, we bring the focus to our presence and breath rather than how far we can push ourselves into each pose. We flow, but we move a little slower than a normal vinyasa class. Don’t be fooled by this slowness - moving slower and more consciously can actually be much harder than doing 100 vinyasas quickly. So Lisa's classes can still be challenging at points, but she loves to balance the strength of the class with a sense of softness too.

Current group classes are on Thursday mornings.

GROUP PRICE - €15 per person


€80 for 60 minutes

€90 for 75 minutes

€100 for 90 minutes 


I am an international capped and award winning field athlete and sailing enthusiast. I am a coach and trainer with 25 years experience in many sports including tennis, hockey, swimming, football and cricket, working with individuals and teams.

As an athlete and qualified sports masseur I understand the importance of preparation and recovery on performance at any level.

Available on Wednesdays & Thursdays

40€ for 30 minutes

55€ for 45 minutes

70€ for 60 minutes



During my sessions, the intention is to become aware of our body in order to free our physical, emotional and spiritual body.
Through foot massages, we can feel our entire body in a very special and magical way. 

En mis sesiones la intención es tomar consciencia corporal para poder liberar   nuestro cuerpo físico, emocional y espiritual.
A través del masaje en los pies recorremos todo nuestro organismo de una manera muy especial y mágica.

Friday is available. / El día disponible es el viernes.

45​ ​min - 40€ (Foot massage with aromatherapy / Masaje en los pies con aromaterapia)

60​ ​min - 50€ (Head, hand and foot massage with aromatherapy / Masaje en cabeza, manos y pies con aromaterapia)