Friday 01/09
10pm. Summer Carnival with DJ PETER and DIRTY JOBS in the Fornalutx main square.

Saturday 02/09
7pm. Night of Art in the main square and surroundings with live music.

Tuesday 05/09
8pm. ‘Fideuá Solidária’ in the main square. Fideua is a traditional dish, similar in style to paella but made with short spaghetti-like pasta.

Wednesday 06/09
7pm. In the City Hall, the opening of the exhibition of Andrey, abstract International artist and Gori Reynés.

Thursday 07/09
8am. Bull-run accompanied by the Xeremiers of Fornalutx.
10.30am. After breakfast, performance of ‘Xaranga’ by ‘Els Valencians’ in the main square.
10pm. Night with Xavi Canyelles, Mag Enzo Lorenzo and Acrobatics with Circus Stromboli in the main square.

Friday 08/09
10am. Parade with the Sóller music band.
10.30am. Solemn Mass, celebrated in honor of the Nativity of Mrs. Maria Verge, Patron of this town.
11.30am. In the main square, 'Refresc popular' where the City Hall invites the whole town.
8.30pm. At the yard of Ca´n Xoroi, premiere of the documentary 'Portraits from Paradise' by Tom Weedon.
22pm. Music by QUARTET MARÍTIM and DIRTY JOBS in the main square.

Saturday 09/09
7pm. Batucada 'Batú-al-mon' around the main square. The Batucada is a band composed exclusively with percussion instruments, which accompanies by walking the parade of costumed dancers.
10pm. Big party with GALATZÓ orchestra, AFTERSUNS and DJ TENTI.

Sunday 10/09
9am. Solemn Mass, celebrated in honor of the village's elders.
6pm. Popular ballad with ‘Aires Sollerics’ band in the main square.
8.30pm. Outdoor dining and 'Glosada' (poetic composition made from verses) by Mallorcan Glosadors presented by Felip Munar.

Recomendaciones de los restaurantes

Popular hikes 

Fornalutx/Biniaraix (See photos)

Circular walk leaving the village past the town hall building via Cami des Creuer. Follow signs to village of Biniaraix where you can stop for refreshments in the village square before leaving via the public washhouse area taking the road to the right, back towards Fornalutx (short circle). Or continuing toward Cooperativa Agricola de Sóller, where you can find products from local farms, from there going towards Binibassi village and the walking path will lead you straight to the hotel.

Distance: 7km

Ascent/descent: 240 m

Duration: 2-3 hours

Walking boots, drinks and snacks recommended.